2005/2015 Locust

‘Taunts of Decay’. Audio by roesingape. Video is taken from 2005 roesingape performance piece at Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park’s alteractive series, featuring: Sam Womelsdorf, Nik Soluski, Rachel Cook & Roesing Ape dancing. Original piece involved live action in front of this projection, and a creation myth of the Sky and the Earth.



2016 Trumpty-Drumpfty

Trumpty-Drumfpty fell off the wall,

minorities and women punted his balls,

all the king’s bigots,

all the king’s white men,

could not put him back together again.



2016 Superhero Street Fair

Trolling Youtube’s content ID system to shove fair use down the throats of our algorithmic overlords. Mashup by Roesing Ape, music by DJ Laird & Friends.

Saturday, October 22, 2016, Napoleon @ Jerrold Streets, San Francisco California. superherosf.com.