This is Important

unwished shooting star


No one knows. if anyone knew, they’d say. And if they said, everyone would know. It wouldn’t be hard, it would be easy, if it was it. It wouldn’t be complicated. It would make sense. It would be easy, if anyone knew. But nobody knows. So stop thinking they do. At best it makes them feel screwed up. At worst it allows them to screw you. It’s ok to not know, since no one else does.

San Francisco, Views from the Taint

San Francisco – Views from the Taint


Who needs anything but the constant bombardment of images of other people better than you, licking their skinny manicured model’s fingers of the latest technological gadgetry about to be fucked by two muscle bound studs on the photo display at the bus stop while some 40 year old black man with three teeth gone and hands as rough as asphalt waits to catch the 17 to his job cooking fat lard poison garbage for middle class white people, these pale chic fucked glitter fucks staring you down with removed and zombie disdain from SUV sized LCD screens while you wonder if your local free clinic will cover your toenail fungus, who needs the old world for elitist aristocratic fucks lucked into ease by birth saying all it takes is hard work in this country when it doesn’t take shit if you’re born from the right cunt while we stand captivated by usury and sugary fat greasy yum-yum poison cupcake burger treats fetching the paper for some preprocessed vague representation of affection or reward and you know I wanna be one of those people, you wanna be one of those people in a shiny individualistic car with global positioning system satellite DVD neon horns and a perfect BMI and free time and money to blow blow hopping around a faraway beach with scantily clad partners of your preferred sex smelling like the awe skewed elixir of all that is chemical and removed from nature, seen and envied by millions, oh to be seen and envied by millions, isn’t that what we want, come on, let’s all be envied, that’s the real prize, that’s what we get with even specks of success, not love, not adoration, not validation, the swank smooth modern apartments and caviar are nice but what we really seek is that fucking heroin envy, sliding through our veins in a sick inferiority complex satisfying flow like the most holy black mud justifying our aesthetic lack of real concern for how fucked up the world is and our depthless inability to do anything real about it. Doesn’t that sound sexy, that shit gets me a fucking erection, how about you?