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ROESING APE: Fucks Me 1998-2001 CD-R
Roesing Ape is the project of Chris Roesing, a Cincinnatti musician who plays drums for the estimable Death Beam. Fucks Me 1998-2001 is a series of six different CD-Rs that can only be told apart by the color of the sparse sticker that graces each sleeve. Of course, the music within also tells ’em apart. This is the second one I’ve heard. The first (I forget which color — green, maybe?) I heard in a van driving on shoulders at 50 MPH through a Chicago traffic jam while having conversations, so it didn’t COMPLETELY register, though I do remember a kind of avant-polyrhythm thing goin’ on, like Tony Allen jamming with Pita and Jonathan Cain from Journey, only Cain’s at some packed NFL stadium filming a video and some subtle no waver has hijacked his Roland. The memory is a bit fuzzy, but I recall the drumming really standing out, unifying the tracks and making the disc NOT just another formless dive. Makes sense, that’s what Roesing does for Death Beam too. THIS one, the second I’ve heard (color: orange), isn’t a formless dive either. Again, there is a rhythmic drive to everything, although this time it’s a different rhythmic drive from track to track. The first track is basically a pop song, with drum-machine rhythms, and actual sung lyrics, done in that quirky child-of-Ralph way. Wild electro-sounds high in the mix and skronk guitar low. Track two is a bit like what I remembered of the other (green?) disc, nine minutes of groove-drummin’, with a strange band and odd vocals playin’ along, all given a brilliant airy mix. Ralph Records? Biota? Yep, that kind of thing. Track three has an industrial-loop rhythm track, and vocals that are actually ‘dark new wave’. Track four is a weird track for solo vocoder-voice, reciting what could be a sexually explicit tale. The fifth and last track is a jam for airy synth and more of that great tweaked light percussion groove style. That’s the album — refreshingly concise! I should hope it would be if it comes in a series of six. What can I say, collect ’em all!