Shopping Cart Puddle 2019 With the World - I feel like I’m being buried by weeks and time, each day is a shovel of dirt. The perspective taken – that place people go, who’ve had sustained trauma, is a place where nothing matters because we’re all dead eventually Continue reading →
Yellow Mud 2019 Big Teats Pee Stone - Grand Tetons in Yellowstone. Trying to capture impressionistic stills of abstracted natural textures. Blah. Shot on a Nikon D5100 with a 75mm lens. 2019 Big Teats Pee Stone
Blurry in Sewer under Bisby 2019 Bisbee Bodies - Bisbee Bodies by Roesing Ape Available on: Google Play iTunes Spotify WIMP Napster Deezer   Live jams on the Mexican border drawing in the monsoons. Featuring Rob, Candice, Rain, Nila, Mitch, Brett, and Mawdawna. Try the Spotify…
Fire Monster Befriends small Elephant 2019 Orange Monkey Skat - The Orange Monkey mumbles some stuff.