Misanthropic Power Point Presentation 2001 Elitism - Elitism Separation Lingo Jargon Separation Pack Tribe Separation Dialect Extension Specialization Aristocracy Separation Angle Click Fashion Elitism Reserve Extension Separation Ethnicity Lineage Heredity Separation Difference Hierarchy Separation Competition Lineage Click Family Separation Elitism Dialect Lingo Separation Individual {there is no Continue reading →
Cat on Kitsch Couch 2001 It’s Cute with Beef - It’s cute with beef Let’s come together and be one In saying something stupid Let’s let our hugs outweigh our words The warmth and fuzziness, a protective fur The freedom that agreement lets you feel Feels itself to be real, Continue reading →
Sad Family 2001 Mob & Numb (opening scene) - Weird keyboard music plays. There are sounds of men yelling and things crashing. Lights come up on two curtains pushed inward meeting at a 120 degree angle center stage, where there is a toilet. On both sides at eye level Continue reading →
Projected Holly Face on Holly 2001 Mob of Numb Excerpt - Mob of Numb   Mob was an Employee of Numb Inc. for fifteen years. Numb Inc. was a Dopamine bar down on West Eighth and Spine. Spine went straight to Uptown Needless Dives on Tuesdays, Saturdays and Mondays at nine Continue reading →
Red Dragonfly 2001 Motion - Motion My motion is strange my money is on the matter my matter is the key the situation is flattered my motion is me my motion is named my master is keen I follow the latter the latter is mean Continue reading →
Roesing Silhouette with Mic 2001 Norton’s Anthology - The Norton anthology of American literature states, and I quote, fuck you, go to hell. What’s the matter with you?  I will be your shadow and that is the sentimental and romantic truth isn’t it. That is the point wherein Continue reading →
Projected Holly Face on Holly 2001 Nothing Happened - I wake up to the general humming and the world crashes into me as I fall up to it, I am a floater in the philosopher’s drink. I am a drinking fountain next to the pool. I am a chair Continue reading →
Roesing Ape Fell to His Death 2001 Point Beside It - And then there was this point beside it; And beside the point lying on the ground was this huge thing.. power itself to behold, orange, and the size of a grapefruit. As a matter of fact, it was a grapefruit. Continue reading →
Laptop in Dark 2001 Short Not Stories: 1996-2001 - Theatrical, thoughtful, and mind bending short stories and essays. Primarily useful for being found 100 years from now and turned into a smash hit on a virtual reality holographic cable channel.   Available in digital format and paperback.
Jameson Neat Coffee Back 2001 Thighs - Art for fuck’s sake sanctioned as purity. Well what if everything fell apart. Would. There. Be. Tacos. Knock. Nigh. Needle high, and high needles. Needless. Ned and his. Needless needles. Neither. Nigh. Knock. No. Membrane sandwich. Remembering which land we Continue reading →
Dark Water 2002 99 - 99% of art is a useless lie, a sick leftover side effect of the 17th century notion of the artist as something more than an artisan, as more than a worker, as more than a blue collar fuck, brought about Continue reading →
locust 2002 Baseball Caps & White T-Shirts with Crap on Them (a Monologue) - Baseball Caps & White T-Shirts with Crap on Them (a Monologue) (A man comes on stage with a guitar, walks to the microphone, and begins to play. Suddenly he stops.) Man: How could you all be so tasteless, so trite? Continue reading →
Clouds and Sun and Shit 2002 Civilization - Civilization is the grime on my teeth. In civilization desires are like grains of sand. Lying about on the floor over there is the want of a new couch. Behind that book hides the wish for a better nose. Floating Continue reading →
CGI woman floats in sea with tree 2002 Floating Listlessly on the Fat of the Land - The journal of a Citizen of American Empire just after the turn of the 21st century devolving into the prose of madness, disillusionment, hallucinogenic and sexual escapades of poetry, alcohol, drugs, and beauty as he grapples with the absurdity of Continue reading →
Shitty beginnings 2002 More Poop - There once was a poop. And in this poop everything stood still, as if concrete blooded itself, or rather blood concreted itself. The aqua-ducts flooded with concrete poop to still the very soul of nothing reading bridges of the solid Continue reading →
locust 2002 Reminder Art - Remind me of what I want to be. No more illustrative descriptions of what is wrong.   I want to be a cricket forever. Remembering that brain chill in those quick moments when you realize death and that you end. Continue reading →
taint of San Francisco Close up 2002 Resume - I want to be an Actor. I want to be a producer. I want to be a writer. I want to be a costume designer. I want to be a director. I want to be a dancer. I want to Continue reading →
Roesing Toe 2002 Sexualized Boredom - I had my fingers in a girl’s cunt for three minutes today, but other than that all day I was convoluted, distracted, and dreamy. God is in the quick of my nails I keeping biting to get to. I fart Continue reading →
separated 2002 The Leper & the Dragon Excerpt - Leper: This sick fucking expression, the worship of expression. We eat ourselves whole in cleverness for subtlety stretching our emotional scars over conversational bones handed to us by our parents, our dinner plates, our rat-a-tat-tat channel flipping nightmares converted by Continue reading →
Some Fire 2002 Wisdom - Wisdom There is milk in my shoe. The trashcan has not yet moved. A chair with two legs is really a broken ladder. A computer is empty when the power is out. Three monkeys and the Jones boy have pondered Continue reading →
what blurry space monster 2003 ‘A Beautiful Woman’ excerpt: Last Dreams - Last Dreams; And what was underneath the beautiful women and the empty worthlessness which vomited itself up to meet her from the heart of the Job who lies dying; a fundamental distrust of life, a fundamental fear of living, a Continue reading →
A Beautiful Woman 2003 A Beautiful Woman (Second Edition) - Novelist Roesing Ape’s first book for Chapultepec Press reveals Kentucky’s most-beloved son, Job, consecrating 400 acres of pine cones and leaves with all that he has. A Beautiful Woman is a true Odysseus tale of one man’s visceral struggle to Continue reading →
Silvia's Hand 2003 A Beautiful Woman Excerpt – Ancestry/Forest Microwave - I am descended of slave owners and racists. I was born and raised in the sacred hunting grounds of Can-Tuc-Kee, washed clean with the blood of pregnant squaws and forsaken braves, all guilt made to dust with centuries. Legend has Continue reading →
Weird possibly vagina face 2003 A Beautiful Woman Excerpt – Corporate Dick - Men spoke to him. About other men. They cursed a lot and all that he could see was their mouths moving. Thin masculine lips each trying to improve upon the size of its naturally allocated cock. Tales of adventure and Continue reading →
Snail on Window in France 2003 A Beautiful Woman Excerpt – Cup & Slipper - As he drifted off he heard the rain pattering on the roof like baby food. All that money wasted on birth control pills. He dreamt of cold steel rubbing him, and chanting Ohm chakras and executing aerobatic flips and wiggles. Continue reading →
Relaxing on the Main 2003 A Beautiful Woman Excerpt – Forgot Remember - This would be a dream he wouldn’t remember. He dreamt of yellow teeth, faded that way like the ceiling of a good centenarian bar in the late twentieth century. Yellow like golden sun. Yellow like wildflower stains on a little Continue reading →
Nerd Pants 2003 A Beautiful Woman Excerpt – Going Forward - Going Forward; The weight of the foot, pulled gently up by the contraction of thousands upon thousands of minuscule microscopic little round cells of muscle, angled delicately by the concoction of curves and bone and cartilage spherically rotating in mystical Continue reading →
A Beautiful Woman 2003 A Beautiful Woman Excerpt – Intro - 3; Job is walking along the brook on a sunny and feathery brisk fall day. Late afternoon, middle class fucks would pay for the sound the brook makes free for the dirt to hear, chirping along its rocky, green, and Continue reading →
Nosing a fish 2003 A Beautiful Woman Excerpt – More Harm Than Good - Oh shit, he had done more harm than good. He was running through a field of ping pong tables cluttered with suburban virginity and noses with little moles on them beckoning cutely at the centers of his eyes. Giggles and Continue reading →
Banana Slug 2003 A Beautiful Woman Excerpt – Pinky Symmetry - He awoke in a dark mixture of pressures, textures and temperatures and light which his mind went on to describe as a cold puddle of water on a clear starry night in a forest. Right quick he felt a pain Continue reading →
Grand Canyon Sunset 2003 A Beautiful Woman Excerpt – Sky Says - His jaw jutted before him, was his leader and master and hope. He walked among fields of school desk legs sprouting fresh and green out of the rolling grassy hills, he looked for and weeded from among them thin strips Continue reading →
View from pele 2003 A Beautiful Woman Excerpt – This Time a Train - This time he was on a train; he had never actually been on a train, so it was completely imaginary. Everybody had their own booth and played video games, but the booths were picture-taking booths, so they would take quarters Continue reading →
titania 2003 A Beautiful Woman Excerpt – Tongue Scab Dream - And then Job really fell asleep again. He was directing a movie. Or what appeared to be a movie and no one could understand him because he had replaced his missing tongue with a flat wooden stick. The stick tasted Continue reading →
Field of Tree trunks 2003 A Beautiful Woman Excerpt – Against a Tree - All this felt like a bad reputation, this walking back to the stream. It felt like an irreversible fault, a bad dream, a bum deal, a real lemon of suck. It felt like he had no friends as the brook Continue reading →
Snail on Window in France 2003 A Beautiful Woman Excerpt – Coffeeshop Dream Ants - The creek had ended, or rather it began and Job had come to that point, roughly, for there was no start so much as an area of the hill which must have underground springs. He knew little of such things. Continue reading →
Hopi Old 2003 A Beautiful Woman Excerpt – Dog’s Leg Night - You see I need to find a way through the cold dark night. You see coffee might not do it, and plus I don’t have any coffee. Pot would make me sleepy. The skin that slides greasily over the knuckles Continue reading →
Dark Water 2003 A Beautiful Woman Excerpt – Ear Kong Dandruff - He approached softly the fridge’s barbed wire marking line in the next morning’s early light. He touched softly the barbed wire, finding its tightness and its slack. He touched softly a broken-off string of it, tugging motherly it up from Continue reading →
Hurtful Stories 2003 A Beautiful Woman Excerpt – Emasculation - Job had meant to cut off his penis. He had actually been looking forward to this event for quite some time, and it had required the greatest of efforts to keep from doing it much sooner. He had read in Continue reading →
Ping Pong Paddle, cigarette, sunglasses 2003 A Beautiful Woman Excerpt – Expressive Table/Angry Woman - He couldn’t wait to just cut it all off. Every inch of flesh was a word, a sentence, and a life. Like popping a hard, swollen zit. He dreamt of tapping his head and the angry woman sitting silently in Continue reading →
Field of Tree trunks 2003 A Beautiful Woman Excerpt – If Thy Tongue Offend Thee - And Job opens his eyes to the sun and it all fades back into a misty dim, something on the tip of his tongue and receding quietly as if it was a tired and satiated vampire at the commencement of Continue reading →
Banana Slug 2003 A Beautiful Woman Excerpt – Shit More than You Eat - Job was moving in the earth, swimming through grimy black dirt and rocks and roots, letting it flow into his mouth and out of his ass in one fluid movement. As if Job himself were earth, mud, and stones. And Continue reading →
Ape & Kitty 2003 A Beautiful Woman Excerpt – Slut and Caramel - That night Job dreamed of rivers of blood tinkling slowly from all parts of his body as if he was the center sea of a red watered domain. His soul the firmament, his body the matter of which all was Continue reading →
Solar Eclipse with Plane 2003 A Beautiful Woman Excerpt – Sycophant Moon - The moon is now our sycophant, and the earth our omnipotent sleeping grave. Our shoes the thrones of our feet, our fingers the dreadlocks of our slit wrists. The ashtray our baptismal basin, the smog of cars our aphrodisiac musk. Continue reading →
3D sludge man 2003 A Beautiful Woman Excerpt – The Life of Some Men - Job dreamed of open asshole flaring vagina porn. And he dreamed of it very well. They were all pages but they were living, breathing pages. Sticky crackles of a dim light reflected off their magazine flesh, but they breathed and Continue reading →
California Scraps 2003 A Beautiful Woman Excerpt – Thoughts on Tongue Burial - And of course a guy like Job dreams an awful lot. I mean something had to be going on in the freak’s mind now, right? Something had to be pushing those gears, jumping on those levers, veritably humping those big Continue reading →
Jameson Neat Coffee Back 2003 An Old Man - I’m already an old man or I once was an old man and I’ve just recently remembered. As it is my memory grows more with each passing day about being old and bald and fat and tired and my back Continue reading →
Complacency Brochure 2003 Anthropology Class - I skip. Into Anthropology class. I haven’t been here in three weeks. I got a D on the test. I’m not fairing too well. S’okay though, everyone in here has green fluorescent ooze dribbling out of their foreheads. Night class Continue reading →
Guilt Pumpkin 2003 Diaboli Ex Machina Excerpt - Diaboli Ex Machina Act 1 Scene 1 [In this play, every character should be of a different ethnicity. Maybe even with thick accents. Scene opens on a jagged wall running the length of the stage (upstage) in front of which Continue reading →
Roesing Silhouette with Mic 2003 Eat My Shit - Eat my shit. Fuck you. Suck my cock. Take a flying fuck at a brick wall. Fuck you. You piece of shit fucking cunt son of a bitch. Fucking die you cock sucking mother fucker shit wad dip fuck nut Continue reading →
Wave Particle Duality Debunked 2003 Infinity Balls - Balls: Infinity in every direction: if infinity, then all things that happen or are, happen and repeat an infinite number of times. Else; Infinite variety is the rule. Basic laws and repeated patterns in form on any level of the Continue reading →
Curled Naked Roesing 2003 Limitation - My pointlessness used to be a pleasing part of me. I reveled in the aimless idiocy of all things created. The blind throbbing mass of all squirting its ecclesiastical orgasmic fluid like flame into the all of the universe. Age Continue reading →
cicada psychedelic 2003 No Really, I’m Not a Robot - No really, I’m not  a robot Automation: There forms a natural hierarchy of all possible mates designated by personal and physical qualities and oddities, a flip of the hair, the un-conscience drop of ‘dude’ and ‘like’ and it becomes not Continue reading →
Dancer on Floor with weird fingers 2003 Repeat Myself Excerpt - Repeat Myself Modeled after Arabic and Persian call and response prayers. Each line should begin just before the previous one has ended – no space between call and response. First performed at the Cincinnati Contemporary Dance Theatre in 2003 with Continue reading →
Repeat Repeat 2003 REPEAT REPEAT - Plays, one acts, plot elevations, and monologues, some performed live, some not, detailing an anti-traditional study of drama at the turn of the 21st century.   Available in digital format and paperback.
Belgian Grave Water 2003 Short Plot Elevation Excerpt - Short Plot Elevation Observer enters stage through audience, looking around, hesitantly opens Box (box as character). Subconscious escapes, runs around frantically feeling everything including Observer. Attaches instinctively to Observer. Protective and giddy. Short one-sided conversation. Unfulfilled, Observer opens Box again. Continue reading →
Jameson Neat Coffee Back 2003 Sitwell’s Ashtray Rent Pain - It was a black table about four foot high, beside itself in the joy of holding the ashtray. There wasn’t much around it, it might’ve had pockets, one can’t tell with imbalanced contact lenses. Those screwy doctors. Never can hold Continue reading →
Misanthropic Power Point Presentation 2003 Warm, Comfortable and Dry - I listen to the intermixtured music of turn of the century descendents of African slaves and the indigenous peoples of South America with an intermixture of envy and ancestral discomfort as I tongue the remnants of cheese crackers saturated with Continue reading →
Advertisement Template 2003 What the Hell is There to Write About Anyways - What the hell is there to write about anyways? Suit w/blood, axe w/carcass. One laughing all through. One One One Here This Goes File Our Wrath With The Peace Of Race To Be This Won’t Work This Isn’t Free This Continue reading →
Relaxing on the Main 2003 ‘A Beautiful Woman’ excerpt: Sewers & Descent - As he splashed along the visually diminishing line of water and rock, walking unheeding now through abandoned webs what little there were of them, occasionally he would reach up and grab a leaf, dying, just damp enough with a dunk Continue reading →
Shitty beginnings 2005 An Apt Description of the Origin - Can I vomit sorrow into my own face. Can I sodomize my self with loss so that my inner sex demon gland is tickled into an orgasm of self loathing. Can I be alone forever, and avoid all tearing but Continue reading →