Some Fire 2008 The Plan - The Plan.  This is how I came up with my plan to kill every man, woman and child on this planet. This is how I found a way to destroy all life on earth. And this is how my plan Continue reading →
Small Dinosaur on USB Charger 2010 le bel homme excerpt: The Infinite File Tree - C: No Yes Maybe C: Maybe: I You They We C: Maybe: We: Can Cannot Will Will not C: Maybe: We: Can: Better Worsen Live Die C: Maybe: We: Can: Live: And Or But A An C: Maybe: We: Can: Continue reading →
Attack Sky 2010 le bel homme excerpt: The Northwest v. Mid-West v. KY v. HI - THE green of the Pacific Northwest is like a dagger. Yet it has no point, and no edge. It is gigantic, and you can walk right up to it. So you do. You walk right up to the deadly sharp Continue reading →
Guitar in Beach on Hawaii 2011 le bel homme excerpt: (information parasite) - (information parasite) TALKING to people is stupid. Unless they already know what you’re going to say, and then it’s just frustrating. The only time it works is when they know what they’d like you to say, and you say it. Continue reading →
Wave Particle Duality Debunked 2011 le bel homme excerpt: (piece of shit pizza) - (piece of shit pizza) YOU and the world were totally fucked, but it had come on slow and all-of-the-sudden hadn’t happened just yet. One day you went to an Italian restaurant on your way to a friend’s house and had Continue reading →
Giant Cow on Route 66 2011 le bel homme excerpt: The Infinite File Tree part ii - C: Maybe/We/Can/Live/But/What/If/That/Isn’t/Enough/To/Not/   Eat Drink High Five Suck Die Be Hurt   C: Maybe/We/Can/Live/But/What/If/That/Isn’t/Enough/To/Not/Die/   And But If So Now Here   C: Maybe/We/Can/Live/But/What/If/That/Isn’t/Enough/To/Not/Die/And/   They We He It   C: Maybe/We/Can/Live/But/What/If/That/Isn’t/Enough/To/Not/Die/And/We/   Can Will Won’t Know Have   C: Continue reading →