Infinite Tree Leaves 2014 This is Important - No one knows. If anyone knew, they’d say. And if they said, everyone would know. It wouldn’t be hard, it would be easy, if it was it. It wouldn’t be complicated. It would make sense. It would be easy, if Continue reading →
Anya Dancer 2015 Equality - Equality   There is no equality. Ask an electron. Apparently they’re all the same, yet we can never know the position and momentum of any one of them. The Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics is Bullshit. I stand by that. Continue reading →
Buy 2015 Insurance - Insurance   They (who are they?) call it the ‘equitable transfer of risk loss,’ but we (who am I speaking for?) all know it cannot, as a rule, be equitable, for we are told everything should stand on it’s own Continue reading →
Sepia Clouds and Moon and Shit 2015 On the Battle for - Feynman & Susskind batter me forthwith. Letting it all fall off to see what’s left; base desires seeking ever lower energies, insatiable desire for distraction in television, movies and games, which when left to simmer for eons of wasted satiation, Continue reading →
New Orleans after Katrina 2016 Trumpty-Drumpfty - Trumpty-Drumfpty fell off the wall, minorities and women punted his balls, all the king’s bigots, all the white men, could not put them together again. #trumptydumptyfelloffthewall
Future Fluorescent 2017 The Others (#meToo) - The Others   It happened when I was 17. I lived in my parents’ basement. My mother was wheelchaired by the ravages of twenty odd years of rheumatoid arthritis during a time when the drugs and methods to treat it Continue reading →
Guitar in Beach on Hawaii 2017 Venice Beach Jaded Review - Venice Beach, Los Angeles, California, 2017. Land of douche crowned by the last barnacle tendons of a beachfront madhouse strip, where humans are still to be found among the tourists. The old man playing furiously-expertly on the grand piano on Continue reading →